The two retired special education administrators recently hired by Riverside Elementary School District 96 each will be paid $750 per day, according to Superintendent Bhavna Sharma-Lewis.

Pat Folland is serving as the district’s interim director of special education and Peggy King is undertaking an evaluation of the district’s special education program.

“Pat will be working for 100 days, and Peggy will be working in a supportive role as needed on special projects related to the department of special education,” Sharma-Lewis said in an email.

Folland is replacing Mary Polk, the district’s director of special education who is currently on paid leave.

At its Oct. 15 meeting, the school board met in closed session with its attorney, Stanley Eisenhammer.

Eisenhammer played a key role last spring in preparing and negotiating a separation agreement with former Ames School Principal Colleen Lieggi. He may be doing the same thing with regard to Polk, who began her leave of absence on Sept. 14.

Certified employees can work no more than 100 days for an Illinois school district and still collect their pensions, said Dave Urbanek, a spokesman for the Illinois Teacher Retirement System.

Former District 96 Superintendent David Bonnette was paid $900 per day when he came out of retirement to serve as interim superintendent for Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 in 2009. District 208’s interim chief financial officer, Timothy McGinnis, is paid $495.19 per day for 156 days of work.