Riverside Police and Riverside District 96 School staff partnered for a safety lockdown drill. The drill was held on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013. As part of ongoing emergency action plan, the drill is designed for “prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from an intruder incident.”

“The intent of the drill is to make sure everyone is safe, that an intruder cannot get into the building, and once the building has been cleared that the school can resume normal activities,” Sgt. Leo Kotor said. “It’s similar to any emergency drill. We make sure teachers are aware of the protocol.”

At no time were any students or staff in immediate danger.

“I am pleased with the good response by our school when practicing a safety drill and by the close cooperation with the Riverside Police Department,” said Assistant Principal Stacy Westin.

“In the drill, we had police personnel observe as school personnel conducted a lock down/ intruder exercise and checked rooms for proper procedures,” said Sgt. Leo Kotor.

The school district is continuing to work closely with the Riverside Police Department on all issues related to the safety of students and staff.