FLIGHT PROFILE: Junior placed 139th with a time of 15 minutes, 16.9 seconds in Saturday’s Class 3A state final at Detweiller Park in Peoria. Flight earned his first state meet appearance by finishing ninth (15:10) at the Lake Park Sectional.


How did you fare at the state final meet over the weekend? It wasn’t a great meet for me. Coming off a ninth-place finish at sectionals, I had high expectations but I just didn’t run a good race.

Now that you have experienced the state final, what are your expectations for next year? I know I can run with the top guys. Hopefully, I return next year because I believe I can finish in the Top 10. We also have a team that’s capable of qualifying for state so that’s a primary goal.

What’s a typical weekly workout regimen for you? In the summer, I run 70 to 80 miles a week. During the regular season, I scale back to 60 or 70 miles.

What’s the team outlook for 2014? We had a huge freshman class of like 18 kids, so the numbers are up. We have a very tight team. Our top seven guys hang out all the time; we’re like a second family.

Describe your relationship with Fenwick cross-country coach Dave Rill? I met him when I was in eighth grade. He’s the best coach I’ve met and just an awesome guy. He was an All-American runner at Fenwick, so obviously he knows what it takes to be successful.

Why did you choose Fenwick and how’s the experience been for you?  I wanted to go to a Catholic school, so it was either Fenwick or St. Ignatius. I met the guys on the cross-country team and we clicked. Fenwick is a hard school academically and my AP classes are ridiculous, but I love it.

Are you involved with other activities at Fenwick?  I’m on the track team. Pretty much my entire year revolves around running. I’m also in the jazz band at school. I play trombone and guitar. If it’s a brass instrument, I can pretty much play it.

How do you define “Friar Pride”? It’s a way of life, living the Dominican values. It’s about being the person you should be in God’s eyes and your own.

What are three words that best describe you? Definitely goofy, fun-loving and hard-working

Name three must-haves in your refrigerator? Chocolate milk, pasta and a block of white cheddar

What’s your favorite food? My mom’s Italian cooking. She was born in Italy, so I get some hardcore Italian food. We have cousins in the Naples area so we visit Italy often. I love the Italian culture and language, and everybody seems so happy and enjoying life.

Favorite song?  Before every race, I listen to “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin, “The High Road” by Broken Bells and “Counting Stars” by One Republic.

Favorite TV show? “Fringe,” I’ve been kind of addicted to it lately.

Favorite holiday? Christmas, because I spend time with my friends and family and I get some cool running gear.

Dream vacation spot? Kenya

What would be a cool historical period to live in? The Renaissance

If you could have dinner with a famous person- dead or alive- who would you choose? There are so many choices, but I would probably pick George Washington. I would want to know what this country is supposed to be.

Who are your role models? My parents [Michael and Maddalena Flight]

What’s a good piece of advice you’ve received? Others don’t make a champion out of you. It’s what you do that defines who you are. I thought of it myself one day and applied it.

Obviously you have a very cool last name, particularly for running, do you ever hear any comments? Yes, a few. Sometimes people don’t really think Flight is my last name and then they ask me to spell it.


Interviewed by: Marty Farmer