To all those traveling south from the circle on Maple Avenue or north to the circle on Maple, please be aware that there is a legitimate stoplight on Maple and Lincoln. This light is for the safety of our children going to and from school and for all crossing at that intersection.

On a daily basis I see children’s lives put in jeopardy as careless drivers blow this red light as the crossing guard is trying to get children safely to school. Obviously, the light is there for a reason and should not be ignored.

Countless times I’ve almost been T-boned when crossing and someone has decided to blow the red light, putting the children in my passenger seats’ lives in jeopardy.

Pay attention! Even if it’s in the middle of the street, it is still a red light and you could be ticketed.

For goodness’ sake, do it for the children.

Cathy Stanek Whisler