The Riverside Police Department has decided to use Twitter to publicize the names of all those arrested for alcohol related reasons in the village. 

The department has begun to tweet the names and some details of all alcohol related arrests including DUI arrests, DUI drug arrests and zero tolerance arrests. The police department will also tweet information about DUI roadblocks.

“DUI and DUI drug arrests are extremely common occurrences,” said Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel in a press release sent out on Monday announcing the new policy. “The Riverside Police Department takes a strong stand against alcohol and drug-impaired driving. With that being said, it will be the policy of this agency to publically tweet all DUI arrests and individuals that are arrested for suspended or revoked driver’s licenses in which the basis of that suspension or revocation is based on a prior DUI conviction.” 

The Riverside Police Department can be followed on Twitter at @pdRiverside.

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