Roy Overholt has died. He of the Roy A. Overholt Invitational Tournament played each summer in Brookfield. Played at Overholt Field at Kiwanis Park in Brookfield. The Mr. to Mrs. Audrey Overholt. Man, wife and baseball fans for 65 years.

The Little League invitational that Mr. Overholt invented back in 1964 marked its 50th anniversary this past summer. That’s hundreds of teams made up of hundreds of young men, age 11 to their early 60s, who can tell you just what transpired on a hot summer day on the well-trimmed and lighted baseball diamond in Kiwanis Park. 

With championship teams from Brookfield and surrounding towns gathering each August for the two-week-plus, single-elimination tourney, it is safe to say that baseball rules in town every summer.

The idea is so simple, so pure. Invite the championship teams from the nearby towns to compete together just one more time for the bragging rights to “the Overholt.”

When our sports editor, Marty Farmer, profiled Mr. Overholt and his wife just last summer, there were all the stories from people who had their moment on that diamond and remember it clearly today. 

“I remember going to the Overholt was like playing in the big leagues,” said Chris Agne who played for South Cicero back in the 1970s and is now president of the R-B High School booster club.

While Mr. Overholt took joy and satisfaction in the tournament, it was his wife and family that came first. A marriage of 65 years. Five children, 10 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren. Now that’s a team.

In any small town there aren’t many Roy Overholts. That’s why we celebrate and remember each one.