The true definition of Christmas and all positive living is simple: joy, caring, and love. This past weekend, my wife and I and many others participated in this celebration easily!

On Friday, Robert Novalich led the Riverside Township Community Orchestra in a Christmas concert of precision and emotion, covering many decades of the master and joyful composers.

On Saturday at the North Riverside Library, Rita Watson and her glorious glee group of young people entertained with enthusiasm, emotion, and sincere innocence about the joy of the holiday season.

Next at the library came Mater Christi’s Children’s Choir, led by Bryant Rouleau and Vince Zaprzal. They took the baton, and being a bit older than Rita Watson’s group, intensified the passion and emotion and delivered a heart-tugging melody of Christmas beauty. 

As a finale, we heard the Riverside-Brookfield High School Madrigal Singers, led by Diane Marelli. This formally-dressed group of young men and women threw the baton to the stars. They captured every bit of energy in the room and exploded with a madrigal song group covering many countries. Their program continued covering all varieties of the most beautiful songs and music. It was a total performance that left the audience both teary-eyed and full of total heartfelt joy and love. An outstanding performance never, ever heard by most of the audience.

Thus, a few hours this past weekend helped all in attendance to feel the real joy, caring, and love in life.

Thank you all so very much on behalf of everyone who enjoyed your fantastic performances.

Jim Zak

North Riverside