As a cyclist I am always saddened to hear about the death of a cyclist as a result of being hit by a car (“Riverside man charged with DUI in death of bike rider,” News, Dec 11).

As a cyclist who regularly rides after dark, I have to ask: Was Mr. Avalos riding with proper illumination for night riding? Was he as far over to the right as safely possible? Was he wearing a helmet?

I’m not saying Mr. Vais is without fault here. He allegedly was over the limit and that may have been a factor. But how many of us have been startled by a cyclist, or jogger, or skateboarder who suddenly comes out of the shadows? It’s dark out, people. Being illuminated means mean drivers can see you. In this situation, it may have not made a difference. We’ll never know.

I do not know either person and feel sorry for all involved. I just wonder how different the story would have been if Mr. Vais was not over the limit. Perhaps all of the facts would have been stated.

Mike Stefanik


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