David Moreau is right, 20 years is a heck of a run. At the same time, downtown Riverside will lose a little bit of its personal touch next week, when Grumpy’s Café closes.

It wasn’t your everyday coffee shop/ice cream parlor to be sure. It was a unique place with a unique cast of characters who frequented and ran the business. What other coffee shop owner would test his patrons’ knowledge of classic Hollywood stars by plastering their glamour shots on the walls? What other coffee shop manager would craft her own jewelry so that kids would have something to buy for their moms on Mother’s Day?

On a hot summer day, there was nothing kids looked forward to more than a scoop of Petersen’s ice cream from Grumpy’s. And there was nothing for the coffee shop’s regulars like gathering every day to talk about everything from their families to the nation’s problems.

Thanks, David and Kim, for providing such a welcoming spot for Riverside residents of all ages. Best of luck to you in the future.