This is in reference to the letter to the editor from Mr. Steven Lifka regarding one sided parking on Jefferson Avenue (“One sided parking on Jefferson will work,” Letters, Dec. 11). 

If there is a safety issue on Jefferson Avenue, it is that cars drive too fast. Our block is full of families with small children. When we are all parked on one side for plowing or street cleaning, cars fly through at speeds in excess of the 30 mph. 

Yesterday my husband witnessed a PACE bus driving at least 35 miles an hour and only slowing, not stopping, at the stop sign. 

The vast majority of the people I have spoken to reject your claim to a safety issue. In fact, our streets will be made more dangerous with a one side-only parking restriction. We will be attending your meeting to make sure the village board hears our voices. 

If this passes, we will make it our mission to make sure anyone that supports the measure is voted out in the next election cycle.

TerriLynn Kowalski


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