On behalf of the St. Vincent De Paul group and North Riverside residents needing a little help, I’d like to thank Mayor Hugh Hermanek, the trustees, village administrators and the VIP Party for their outstanding gift of needed food and essentials.

They held their last regular get-together in mid-December and asked for food packages as a way to help others.

Through Dave Tomalis, I was asked to pick up this food after it was gathered. When I arrived I was greeted by a group of special, interested and caring people who offered me great food and drinks. I paused and spent over an hour talking to some of the best and caring people in North Riverside.

As we talked, they loaded my car from top to bottom and front to back very enthusiastically, so that there was barely room for me to drive. As I left with a car full of quality food and essentials, I thought our town has some good people in it. All of this food has already been distributed and is being put to good use.

I was so impressed with the positive aura of this group and how they filled my car to capacity that I left thinking, again: There are some people who really care about others, and I talked to a lot of them. Thanks again.

Jim Zak

North Riverside