Riverside Police announced on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 that the tan-and-white pit bull, known as Cheff, has been released to the Midwest Animal Rescue Center for possible adoption and/or placement.

After the dog was deemed to be in good health by the Berwyn Veterinary Association, police released the dog to the rescue center.

On January 8, police received a call around 5 p.m. about a dog left in the parking lot of the MacNeal Professional building at 3722 S. Harlem in Riverside.

Officers found a medium size young male Pit-Bull mix in a cage with a bag of food left on top and a note saying its name was Cheff. The dog showed signs of being malnourished and devoured the portion of food quickly that officers supplied when they arrived.

It is unknown how long the dog was left abandoned, but it was in obvious need of medical help and was brought to a nearby animal hospital.

There have been no new leads on the owners of the dog or who, at the direction of the owner, may have abandoned the dog at the parking lot at Harlem and Ogden in Riverside. 

When animals are left outside in extreme cold for a period of time, it is considered animal cruelty and pet owners will be charged with a crime.

For more information on the rescue center you can go to