A significant change in Illinois voting law now allows 17-year-olds to vote in the March primary if they will be 18-years-old by the general election day in November.  This means virtually every high school senior and even some juniors will be able to cast their first votes before the end of the school year. 

To aid in this new voting law, Lyons Township High School is holding a day-long Voter Registration Drive at North Campus on Thursday, January 30, to get a record number of new voters registered at school.  

Students and the LaGrange Area League of Women Voters will be available in the North Campus cafeteria during lunch periods and in the library all day.  Any student who will turn 18-years-old by November 4, 2014, is eligible to register, and those students may vote in the March 18 primary even if they are 17-years-old at that time.

All Social Studies teachers will discuss this change prior to the Voter Registration Drive on January 30 in an effort to create awareness and interest.

In a concerted effort to practice citizenship, Lyons Township High School and Hinsdale Central are participating in a friendly contest to see who can register more voters.