Riverside police on Thursday issued a bulletin to people living in two downtown apartment complexes, asking them for any information in the wake of four burglaries during the past month.

Three of the burglaries occurred in the apartment complex at 63 Forest Ave., while one took place at the complex at 22 East Ave. The two large apartment complexes stand next to each other in downtown Riverside. They are operated by two different management companies.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said that the burglaries were unusual in that whoever is breaking in to the units has left behind no signs of forced entry.

“In each case it’s believed that entry was made by a front door and very little force, if any, was used,” said Weitzel in a press release issued Thursday.

The offenders in each break-in stole electronic equipment, such as flat-panel TVs, cameras and computers. Since neither building is equipped with interior surveillance cameras, said Weitzel, police have been unable to establish any firm leads.

“In both buildings the lobbies have secured doors in front and back, and police do not have access to the hallways without being buzzed in,” Weitzel said.

Police are hoping someone may have witnessed items being carried from one of the units. Officers have hand-delivered alert bulletins to all of the residents at both apartment complexes and have asked the property managers to post the bulletins in the common areas of both buildings.

The first burglary was reported Dec. 25 at the 63 Forest Ave. address. Two subsequent burglaries were reported in that complex on Jan. 20 and Jan. 21. The fourth burglary was reported at 22 East Ave. on Jan. 21.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Frank Lara at 708-447-2127 or at flara@riverside.il.us.

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