When writing or talking about Riverside history, it is not unusual for the name Creadon to enter the conversation. There was the Creadon farm house on Lawton Road and Francis Creadon served the village board as a trustee. 

There are still members of the family residing in the village — Pat and Carol Creadon and their daughter, Mary Carol Creadon Murphy and her family. All have given their time to the community in some form or another.

And there’s another member of the Creadon family who is making history in another form. Patrick Creadon, the son of Pat and Carol, has been making a name for himself in the documentary film world. 

It was just a few years ago when he gained recognition with his film Wordplay about the world of crossworld puzzles. Now _Patrick and his wife, Christine O’Malley, have collaborated on a new documentary titled If You Build It, which is set to premiere locally in Chicago on Friday, Feb. 7 at the Music Box Theater. The subject of the film deals with experimental education in destitute areas of the American South.

Creadon, born and raised in Riverside, attended St. Mary Grade School, Fenwick High School, the University of Notre Dame and received a master’s degree from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His wife comes from Barrington and attended DePaul University and Columbia College. They are the parents of three daughters and reside in Los Angeles.

If You Build It is the third collaboration for the talented couple. Their previous films are Wordplay and IOUSA, a film about the national debt. It is directed and produced by Creadon.

Creadon does not get back to Riverside as often as he would like (or his family would like) but keeps close contact with his friends. He will be in Chicago the weekend of Feb. 7 for the opening and is looking forward to having friends and family attend. In addition to several screenings on Feb. 7, the film will run during the week as well. For more information on the times call 773/871-6607 or visit online at www.musicboxtheatre.com. The Music Box Theater is located at 3733 N. Southport Ave. in Chicago.