Riverside police say they have arrested a suspect connected to a series of burglaries inside a downtown apartment building, but charges may not be filed until Friday.

The arrest comes in the wake of intensive surveillance of the apartment building at 63 Forest Ave., which began Tuesday night. Police arrested the suspect about 8:40 a.m. on Wednesday as he drove in the area of the apartment complex.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said he reassigned officers to begin close surveillance of the apartment building around 9 p.m. on Tuesday and quickly got a break in the case.

Weitzel authorized the surveillance after learning on Monday night that someone allegedly attempted to gain entry to an apartment using a key but could not enter because of a chain on the door.

The person who lived in the apartment was home at the time, Weitzel said, and went to the door to see who was trying to get in. The person outside the door ran away, and the resident told police a man could be seen running from the apartment building and entering a white SUV, which drove off to the east.

The fact that someone apparently tried to use a key to enter the apartment led police to believe their suspect either lived in the building or was associated with someone who lived there.

Weitzel said the investigation is ongoing and more details will be released as soon as the investigation is complete.