It is unfortunate that people who oppose other’s opinion have to resort to calling those who differ ignorant if they don’t agree with their warped point of view. Some conservatives and liberals are so far to the right or left that they have lost their ability to think independently or even compromise. 

It’s no wonder that those on opposing sides in our Congress often view compromise as weakness. Once again, in response to the letter “Threat of Guns Deters Crime” (letters, Feb. 5), it is clear that in some cases guns might deter crime. 

I guess if you wear your gun in plain view it might. Concealed carry means the gun has to be hidden, so who’s going to see it? If you think that drawing your gun will help, it might, but you better be sure that you draw it if there is a true threat of serious bodily harm or you might be arrested yourself. 

In regards to signs prohibiting guns in certain locations, most bar owners I have spoken to tell me that they would post a no-gun sign even if the state did not require them to do so. Bar owners have less to fear of being robbed, because in fact their chances of being shot by a gun are greater from intoxicated customers that get into arguments and fights. Not my opinion but fact — about 71 percent of gun crimes in bars are from patrons not robbery. Once again, alcohol and guns do not mix well. 

Gun violence on the South Side of Chicago has risen because of the increase in gang activity, especially fights over territory and has nothing to do with laws that restrict guns. 

Whether a weapon is semi-automatic or fully automatic makes no difference to murder. If you have a rifle that holds more than eight bullets and can be fired without reloading, it’s dangerous and has no purpose except to kill people. These automatic weapons are often banned in hunting areas. Are we more concerned about animals than human life? 

By the way Texas does not have the lowest crime rate. The state with the lowest crime rate, according to FBI statistics, is Maine, followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Utah. Texas is not even in the top 10. Once again, a fact.

Dr. Karowski seems to think that guns may be the answer — more guns to prevent gun crime. He may look for a simple answer like many, but there is no simple answer. It is a problem with our society becoming more violent, and there are many experts with many opinions as to why this is happening. 

Relax, don’t worry, no one is going to take your guns away. If owning one makes you feel safer, so be it. I’m all for it. As for me, I’ll stay out of areas that I know are dangerous and use some common sense. 

I enjoyed shooting in ranges with my father as a teenager and later as an adult. I have nothing against guns or the people who own them as long as they do not have a criminal record or a serious mental illness. 

As a counselor, I have more experience than I wish with violent people. I wish both of us had the solution to increased violence. 

Edward Jana