Regarding the letter about the Catholic Church and abuse of children (“Why just look at the Catholic Church?” Letters, Feb. 12), if rehabilitation of abusers was so successful, why were some abusive priests transferred from parish to parish where they could continue to abuse children?  

And unfortunately, the public schools are going to have a bigger problem with sexual abuse of students, because there are many more teachers and staff than priests. 

 The reason “many of the accusations released were not tried and found guilty by courts of law” was because most abusive priests were not turned in to the authorities at the time, even though there were credible accusations against them.  

Some of these priests later resigned or were forced to resign, which is an indication of guilt. As far as anti-Catholic media, the media’s job is to expose corruption. I’m glad that the Church has instituted reforms to protect children, but would those reforms have come about if the media hadn’t exposed the pedophile priest scandals?

Mary Cooper

LaGrange Park