Schools like to recognize those students who have walked the hallowed halls and proceeded on in life to accomplish greatness. Riverside-Brookfield High School has chosen to recognize distinguished alumni with the Alumni Achievement Medal.

Those who have received the honor are forever remembered by the school with a plaque containing a photo and a brief biography on a wall in the school for all to see. The intent of the award was to not only recognize the individual’s high degree of accomplishment but to let present-day students become aware of those who have attended the school before them and the effect RBHS had on their lives. 

On that wall, students see the names and pictures of Pulitzer Prize winners, renowned doctors, people in the entertainment field, and people who have an influence in business and government, just to name a few areas.

Honorees are selected by a committee who review recommendations sent to the school. You can pick up an Alumni Achievement Award nomination form, which includes the list of criteria for nomination, through the office of the superintendent at Riverside-Brookfield High School by calling 708-442-7500.

Or, you can fill out a nomination form online by visiting the high school’s website at, pulling down the drop-down menu from the “community” tab and then clicking the “alumni” link. Nominees must have graduated from RBHS at least 10 years ago. 

Following their selection, honorees are informed and invited to a dinner in their honor at the school in the fall. Returning alumni are also invited to visit the school and talk with students.

For many, it means the first time back at the school since graduation and it’s a chance to see the numerous changes since they last walked the halls. Most like to find their old locker and talk about the different teachers, classes and activities they participated in. 

Plans for selecting the 2014 honorees are beginning and the committee is seeking recommendations. The committee usually selects three or four people to honor. Those who have not been selected will have their recommendations kept on file for review another year or two.

If the person you thought would be the most likely to succeed has done just that, contact the office of the superintendent at Riverside-Brookfield High School or visit the website for a form or further information.