For anyone who believes the coming improvements to First Avenue are the last word on that intersection, take heart. We see it as just the beginning.

There was much talk last week at the special meeting of the village board about reviving the concept of a bridge or underpass for First Avenue to allow the free flow of pedestrians and bicyclists from east to west.

The decision made last week doesn’t kill that dream. If anything, it moves forward. The first leg of a bike/pedestrian path will be built, creating momentum to complete it. Once that’s done, the need for an underpass will be self-evident, even to IDOT.

In the meantime, we support the coming upgrades to the intersection. Better lighting, signals, street markings and traffic flow will only enhance the safety of those crossing First Avenue.

Riverside has IDOT’s attention. Now the task will be to make sure the village and that intersection stay on their radar.