First, the Riverside Public Works Department, police and fire personnel do not get the credit they deserve throughout the year. But this winter they outdid themselves, and I want to give a shout out to them all for a job well done.

I only wish the village had an ordinance preventing contractors from dumping snow from driveways in the street.

Second, what the hell is going on with our school districts? It seems like the child’s game of musical chairs. How can we expect to have stability in our schools with principals leaving en masse? One-year contracts are not acceptable unless you’re trying to get rid of someone.

And what is going on with District 96? What is the new superintendent doing to chase the staff away?

We voted in a new board to control spending and show some fiscal restraint after our overpaid superintendent retired, or left to go to Wisconsin. We now have replaced him with more employees and are spending more than we were thought to save.

Our computer system is a joke, outdated and under-supported by an infrastructure that was not updated when all of the remodeling was done. I think the taxpayers deserve better for our money as well as an investigation and explanation.

Frank Vlazny