Quite honestly, over here at the Landmark Central HQ, we’re not up to speed on all the fancy special-effecting that Hollywood can conjure these days. All I can say is that if you hear some sort of running gun battle (who knows, maybe they add all that later on in production) coming from the vicinity of the Scout Cabin in Riverside this afternoon, don’t call the cops — they already know about it.

As Riverside has become a popular place for all sorts of filming in recent years, the good folks (we are only assuming they’re good, of course) over at NBC picked Riverside as a location for what appears to be somewhat of a juicy scene in their upcoming action series called Crisis, which is set to premier on Sunday, March 16.

As far as star power goes, the leads are played by Gillian Anderson (of X Files fame) and Dermot Mulroney, whom you might remember from the film My Best Friend’s Wedding.

On Monday and Tuesday crews were setting up camp down at the Scout Cabin, which received some temporary alterations to make it look more like some winter cottage.  On Wednesday, according to Village Manager Peter Scalera, crews are filing a scene that involves federal agent finding the body of some dead bad guy there, after which a gun battle breaks out.

It won’t be quite as exciting as a car blowing up on Longcommon Road, which happened during a filming of a scene for the late, lamented series Betrayal last summer, but it’s better than people just standing around talking.

Filming is expected to continue until about 6 p.m., according to Scalera. Fairbank Road has been closed to through traffic, just so you know.