His name was Corky — a slightly bedraggled little dog that I first saw on RBTV in 2010 on a show called “Pet Pals,” which is done in conjunction with the Animal Care League shelter in Oak Park.

He was considered a mixed-breed terrier, which means he wasn’t a mutt but he wasn’t a designer breed either. Termed a “senior dog,” he had come from Oklahoma to the shelter and was believed to be around 8 years old.  

The next time I saw him was at the car show in Riverside, where he was appearing with other pets hoping to find a home. Who thought we would go to a car show and come home with a dog? We didn’t. But, shortly after that, we did go to a local pet store to see him again, and this time he did come home with us. 

I had my doubts. He was an older dog and seemed to have a few health issues, but we took him warts and all.

Corky seemed to adjust very well to his new home. However it seemed he did not respond to his name or any noise. Corky was deaf; no one told us that. So now I had a dog that was deaf and a husband who doesn’t listen — lucky me. It also was apparent that he did not care for other dogs, although we were told he did, so no play dates for Corky.

Time went on and Corky was comfortable in his home he loved his little bed, his blanket and dog treats. It became apparent, according to the vet, that Corky was older than we thought, but that was OK. 

People would say how nice it was for us to take in an older dog. Like human beings, he began to have aches and pains and wasn’t able to get up as well as he used to. I could sympathize. He no longer went up the stairs and slept more. 

The last month, he really slowed down though his appetite was good. Someone told me when it was time for a dog to go they would let you know and he was letting us know in his own way. On Saturday, March 29, he went to sleep in his little bed and didn’t wake up; he made the decision for us.

There was a movie called All Dogs Go to Heaven. I would like to believe that. We’ll miss Corky.

This weekend, April 5 and 6 is National Pet Adoption Weekend. Think about giving a deserving pet a home. There are plenty who need to be adopted, like Corky.