It has been almost a year since Kit Ketchmark and PEP swept the election and all the seats on the Brookfield Village board; let’s look at their efforts so far.  

PEP said “keep moving Brookfield forward.” Fact: In 2001 we needed $23 million in street repair and replacement. In 2014, the village needs $32 million in street repair and replacement. We can’t afford PEP moving us forward like that.  

Ketchmark and PEP said the next round of street reconstruction would be funded by motor fuel tax revenue. Fact: the board has already spent the current year’s MFT funds, as it has every year, during February for such items as snow and ice control, street and signal light maintenance. 

They and the editors of this paper spoke of the MFT revenue as if it was a new revenue stream. The fact is this shrinking revenue stream by law has been and will continue to be spent as it has this year and every other year since its inception. Nothing is new here from the board, other than misdirection.

  PEP said it would have a more open and honest board. Fact: They have held illegal meetings in violation of the open meetings act and discussed village business with a majority of the board present. These meeting were held in Mike Garvey’s living room and Cathy Edwards’ kitchen. Such topics as a church at Eight Corners and a tax referendum were discussed. I know; I was there.    

The real problem with the Brookfield Village Board is that they seldom follow through with their promises, but tell you they are. The PEP-controlled board simply uses smoke and mirrors and tells you everything is great, yet our village is crumbling. 

We are stuck with four years of doing nothing and going nowhere but backwards.

Michael Towner