The village of Brookfield and the union representing the village’s police dispatchers agreed to a new two-year contract on April 14, but neither side will get much of a breather before negotiations begin on the next deal.

Dispatchers had been working without a contract since the end of 2012 and had been waiting for police officers to finalize their deal before negotiating with the village. Police officers agreed to a new contract back in November 2013, but the village and dispatchers didn’t meet to negotiate their deal until March 31. It only took one meeting to settle the details.

“There were only minor changes,” said Brookfield Village Manager Riccardo Ginex. “We met for one session and it was done.”

The deal is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013 and expires Dec. 31, 2014, which means both sides are almost three-quarters through the deal already. The contract affects just a handful of police department employees who serve as dispatchers, records clerks and vehicle enforcement officers. The village’s lone vehicle enforcement officer retired in January.

New language in the contract regarding health insurance coverage mirrors the police contract approved last November. Employees now pay 15 percent of insurance premiums each month, and employees are now able to choose a PPO plan in addition to an HMO plan. Employee co-pays for prescription drugs are also higher in the new contract.

The new contract also adds language regarding overtime pay on holidays. Previously, the contract called for employees to receive time and a half for any hours worked on a holiday and triple time for any hours above 12 worked on a holiday.

In the new contract, any overtime worked up to 12 hours will be paid at double time and a half. The contract also includes new language regarding compensation for anyone assigned to train new employees.

In addition, dispatchers received the same base pay raises that police officers received in their contract. Employees will retroactively receive a 2.5-percent base pay raise for 2013 and a 2.65-percent pay raise for 2014.

Starting pay for a full-time dispatcher in 2014 was pegged at $41,420. Anyone with six years of experience in 2014 had their salary set at $56,222.