Due to a $10,000 grant, the village of Brookfield is updating its parks master plan. This would be normally be great, but PEP runs the village. 

Let’s look at the history for these types of projects and how they have been handled by the PEP village board. In the last eight years the village has performed work for two village goal documents with hours of staff and board time involved to manufacture these documents. 

Once the documents were completed they were never used again, never referenced, never reviewed, never discussed at any board meeting. Ketchmark and Garvey will probably tell you different, but they would be less than honest. I was on the board and worked on both efforts, and I know that they were not used. 

Over a decade ago we developed a parks master plan, which was a great document. It called for a bridge over the creek to Creekside Park at that time, a splash pad and developing of Kiwanis Park South as a conservation area. Many of those same ideas are being suggested now also. 

Once again you will see that this is an exercise in futility. The village did not use that master plan during the past decade, and I doubt the PEP village board will use the new one. Any items that did happen to be added to our parks or village were by coincidence not by use of these documents. 

Without serious discussion about new revenue, it’s a wish list with no means to an end. They will keep their fingers crossed for grants, and if past history is a guide, the current village president will get the project he wants without input or discussion. 

The current project at Kiwanis is being done because Garvey wanted a bandstand. There was no input from the village board and absolutely no input from the Playgrounds and Recreation Board. 

By ordinance, any construction in the parks is to be approved by that board. But the PEP village board has routinely bypassed the playground and rec board. 

The Playgrounds and Recreation Board has been so uninvolved in the decision-making process that numerous members have resigned. I think if you were to ask any of those residents, they would tell you their time on that board was a waste of their time. 

 The PEP board with Garvey and Ketchmark use these boards primarily to kill ideas, not to cultivate new ideas. If we keep following PEP, the village can only be stalled from any real improvements. 

 This is one small group, PEP, in control that decides what you want. Like it or not.

Michael Towner


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