RBHS band director James Baum as a freshman band member in 1999. Photo courtesy of James Baum

You may have seen a story the Landmark published today (well, yesterday online) about the Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education voting to get the marching band new uniforms.

Turns out marching band uniforms are really expensive, and it’s going to cost about $56,400. And it’s going to end up costing the families of marching band members, who will see their pay-to-participate fee jump from $25 to $100 next year.

But, really, the uniforms are old. How old, you ask?

Well, you see the picture accompanying this blog post? Well, that’s a photo of RBHS marching band director James Baum taken at Homecoming 1999, when he was a freshman member of the marching band, back when the game was played on Saturday afternoon.

And the uniforms weren’t exactly new even then. The school purchased the uniforms in 1994. The kids wearing those marching band uniforms now weren’t even born yet.