I would like to thank the Landmark for continuing to cover local news in a balanced manner. Your article on the proposed conversion of an athletic field and tennis courts belonging to Riverside-Brookfield High School to a parking lot (“RBHS seeks to ease parking woes,” News, April 30) got my family’s attention. 

While I commend your story for considering the esthetics of living next to a parking lot, there are graver problems associated with the plan. Just last year after heavy rains, the school and neighboring homes were flooded. Converting a large grassy area to pavement will worsen this problem.

I would also be interested to hear what the community athletic teams that use the field next to Hollywood School for practices feel about its conversion to a parking lot. In addition, how will this affect the high school teams that use these courts and the fields for practices and will they now have to be bused elsewhere for practices on a daily basis?

The suggestion that the new student lot would empty into Hollywood Avenue or Rockefeller by the elementary school is silly. No one who at school dismissal time has seen these student drivers leaving the current parking area — formerly a Brookfield street— would want these drivers anywhere near primary school students. 

Overall, I’d say the conversion of the tennis courts/athletic field to parking lot is good deal only for the people of North Riverside, who will be getting [eight] new tennis courts.

The high school in the past has made an effort to consider the good of the neighborhood and Brookfield, such as the proposal to build a parking structure on zoo property, to accommodate special event parking at the school. This was part of a successful referendum passed by the District 208 voters some years ago. 

Apparently RBHS no longer cares to even pretend to think about the greater good. And the plan to replace the high school tennis courts and athletic field by Hollywood School to a parking lot should be seen for what it is: Bad for the community and not necessarily good for the school. 

If, as stated, the football stadium stands needs to be replaced or repaired then maybe it is time to look for a new site for the stadium and convert part of that space into a parking garage.

Guy Adami