I read with interest the article Brookfield to pave one mile of side streets (News, May 7). In the article it was written that “motor fuel tax funds, which the village has used in the past for street resurfacing projects, have been earmarked in 2014 for street maintenance — crack sealing, snow removal, etc. Any MFT funds not used for those purposes will be used to support the repaving effort.”

The MFT funds that the board already submitted its paperwork for has a cost of $500,000. The MFT funds that this board now has said it will use for the street work so far is $116,000. The budgeted expected MFT funds the village will receive from the state is $450,000. 

I expect the MFT funds the village will actually get will be closer to $400,000. Remember this is a shrinking revenue stream and they know it. So this $1.2 million project, which the PEP party told you was going to be paid for with MFT funds, will actually be drawing out of the general fund about $1 million and $200,000 will come from the sewer and water fund. Simply put, there never was and never is going to be enough revenue from the MFT funding that PEP boasted about to do any real street work in town. 

These actions by the board to make believe MFT funds are doing the job is just a paper shuffle to keep the public in the dark. It’s a magic trick they have you looking at one hand while the other is doing the dirty work. 

PEP is setting you up to send out the campaign literature later that tells you the lie of using MFT funds for street work when it really isn’t happening that way.

Ketchmark and PEP have done this for years. Remember when Ketchmark couldn’t do math, and they then tried to tell you that the library mistake was good because they hadn’t budgeted for that “extra” $600,000 anyway? That was $600,000 we could have used for side streets then that PEP lost for Brookfield. 

How much longer are we going to let this small group run our village into the ground with these types of misdirection?

Michael Towner