On May 2 the Circle of Sound gospel group presented “Hold On To Hope.” Led by director Kathy Sherman, it reflected Anne Joseph’s dream of hope, integrity and inspiration among all people.

North Riverside was represented by singer Rosemary Santoro and a group of 25 friends and admirers in attendance. She, as well as all the singers and musicians, were simply outstanding.

The program featured musical hymns, sing-alongs and serious and joyful songs. It ran the gamut of hopeful beauty. “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” “If I Had a Hammer” and “Over the Rainbow” were classics that captivated all ages in a crowd of over 500. During the show, there was nary a cough or noise of any kind as we were all lifted to a new, higher level of perception.

How wonderful to leave feeling refreshed, happy and full of positive hope and emotion. As a bonus, we got home in time to see the Blackhawks win 5-2. Hope is contagious.

Jim Zak

North Riverside