The Ames School Brownie Troop 20564 along with Ames School Librarian Patty Prodanich hosted a Book Switch-a-Roo on Friday, May 9th, 2014.  

The Ames School Third grade Brownie Troop decided to provide kids in their community an easy way to help them read more.  The entire school was asked to donate books at or around their reading level for a two week period.  The class that brought in the most books would win a pizza party.  The school ended up donating over 3,000 books!  On the day of the Book Switch-a-Roo, whether a student had donated a book or not, all students received several books that were “new to you!”  

This event was extremely successful and we hope to do it again.  The Ames School Brownies and Ames School is proud to have shared the gift of reading with others.