I enjoyed both stories (article and editorial pieces) on North Riverside’s red-light cameras (“North Riverside red-light camera program in flux,” News, May 14). It’s too bad that you didn’t check the minutes of the meetings. 

Many times I voted “no” on red light cameras. The first time was when the village of North Riverside chose to place a camera on the corner of Harlem Avenue and Cermak Road. I was also vehemently against placing them in front of Costco’s out lots and again voted against entering into this new contract with SafeSpeed.

 First, there is no undeniable proof that these cameras increase safety. I believe they increase traffic accidents, and many studies show that people fear receiving those $100 tickets when the light turns yellow, causing them to slam on the brakes which in turn, causes an accident.

 Second, it deters consumers from shopping at areas near those cameras. As we have witnessed in Schaumburg, although they made over $1 million the first six months the cameras were on Golf Road, they angered many shoppers and began protesting. 

Woodfield Mall for the very first time that Christmas season experienced the lowest sales and traffic counts ever. Would you like to make a million on red light tickets and then lose over $2 million in sales tax revenues? These cameras will deter consumers from entering into the village of North Riverside and spending money.

H. Bob Demopoulos

North Riverside

Ed. note: H. Bob Demopoulos is a North Riverside village trustee.