I am writing on behalf of all concerned citizens of Brookfield about the potential parking lot that Riverside-Brookfield High School is trying to build adjacent to Hollywood Elementary School. 

We are concerned about this for a few reasons: potential for worse flooding, removing one of the few green spaces for kids to play at, noise and other hazards of cars while kids are in school and safety concerns of patrolling this lot while Hollywood School is in session. 

We are not against increased parking; there is a need for more parking that could be used by the Brookfield Zoo and RB High School. We feel that between the Cook County Forest Preserve, School District 208, School District 96, village of Brookfield and the village of Riverside, there must be a better alternative than building a lot right next to a grade school. 

We are asking all the government bodies to work together to find a better solution than what District 208 is proposing. One idea is a land swap. The land being considered for a parking lot would be swapped for an equal size plot north of the high school. 

The high school would get their extra parking, the forest preserve wouldn’t lose any land, and the forest preserve would have extra green space that could be used to enhance their mission of promoting green space usage. 

There are pros and cons to every solution. In this solution, though, the cons clearly out weigh the pros. 

Cook County President Preckwinkle, Cook County Commissioner Tobolski, District 208 Superintendent Skinkis, District 96 Superintendent Sharma-Lewis, Brookfield President Ketchmark and Riverside President Sells have all shown excellent leadership skills in the past tackling difficult decisions. This is another issue we look forward to them all working together to find a better solution. 

Matthew M. Joseph