As a Riverside resident since 1973, I find your newspaper editorial on cul-de-sacs (“Putting up roadblocks,” The Landmark View, May 21) interesting.

We do not know the results from closing certain streets onto Harlem Avenue. The residents are asking our village trustees to look into the idea and propose closing some streets to test the traffic and improve safety.

The first street that should be closed is Robinson Court, because that street has an increased child presence and an unfortunate Riverside history. I do not live on or near Robinson Court.

We have experienced the deaths of many children on numerous streets like Delaplaine  and Burlington.

Anytime our trustees and our highly valued, exceptional police chief can improve safety, then they have that duty to serve the residents.

 Oak Park, Berwyn, Beverly are examples where cul-de-sacs have existed for a very long time, and I don’t read about the residents of those towns asking for their removal.

 The Riverside residents are speaking up on this topic and our elected officials are listening. This is how government of the people, by the people works.

 Our business district has many empty stores, so I don’t see how cul-de-sacs or closing certain streets can do more damage.

Our excellent police force is doing an outstanding job in fighting crime. Chief Weitzel is in my opinion is the best chief in the western suburbs and he almost gave his life serving the Riverside residents.

 Riverside has “one shot at forever” at improving our traffic, and if we don’t investigate, implement and execute then we will never know what cul-de-sacs do for traffic, safety, crime, property values. We failed to implement the 20 mph signs.

 In my opinion Riverside “Riverside is an Oasis surrounded by Chaotic Streets” and I am very proud to be a lifetime resident.

I hope many Riverside residents speak out on this subject. I hope many Riverside Realtors speak out on this subject.

Bob Kosner


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