Despite a number of attempted fixes the ventilation system at the swimming pool at Riverside-Brookfield High School is still not working as it should.

“We’re still not at the level of air flow we would like to be at,” District 208 superintendent Kevin Skinkis told the District 208 school board last week. 

On May 13 Skinkis and Facility Director Joel Hatje met for approximately two hours with architects from Wight & Co., which designed the system, and with engineers to discuss the problem.

“I made it clear to them that I wanted it addressed sooner rather than later,” Skinkis said.

Wight has agreed to once again try to fix the problem at no cost to the district. Last year, Wight designed and installed additional duct work for the system, but the additional duct work has not solved the problem of insufficient air flow, which can result in an uncomfortable pool environment. 

Initially, Wight suggested removing two baffles, which reduce noise, from the ducts to increase air flow, but the district’s new engineers determined that solution would not work.

Now, Wight is considering installing a second ventilation system above the spectator area on the west side of the pool area.

“They’ve sent us some preliminary plans … and that looks like the direction we’re going to go if we can get everything to work as far as the mechanicals,” Skinkis said. “That’s what the district has proposed to them.”  

Wight would pay for the installation of the second unit, Skinkis said.

“Wight has paid for all the repairs thus far, and I would anticipate the same going forward,” Skinkis said. “They have been very receptive and collaborative in working with me.”

Skinkis said that the pool is still safe to use.

“We’re not experiencing any issues right now,” Skinkis said. “The pool is still fully functional.”

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