Par for the course with this Brookfield PEP village board, they passed the apartment building without any comment to answer the issues of the ZBA. 

I have little doubt that there was comment, but it was in Cathy Edwards’ kitchen or maybe Kit Ketchmark’s dining room. This is exactly how our “open” and “honest” village board really works. They will hold a secret meeting and get everyone on board, and one of Garvey’s favorite tricks is to tell everyone that, if questioned, reference the master plan and how it fits or doesn’t fit whichever way they have decided they are going.  

With the church at Eight Corners it was how it didn’t fit with the master plan. Mike Garvey in my opinion has this need to be in control, and he probably warned everyone to be careful of what you say in public, one of his favorite phrases to intimidate everyone to be quiet.   

I am surprised thou that Garvey or Ketchmark didn’t say something; usually one or the other would so a trustee doesn’t go off the reservation. Maybe Ketchmark didn’t have his lines right.

  This is really how the PEP Party works. They decide in secret and vote it through without public discussion. What Brookfield deserves is a village government that is actually “open” and actually “honest.” As long as PEP has every seat at the table, we will never know the truth of their actions.

Brookfield residents deserve better from their elected officials than PEP.

Michael Towner


Ed. note: Michael Towner is a former Brookfield village trustee and former member of the PEP Party.

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