There are many ways to recycle and most of us do it within our own homes or through schools and organizations. 

For Ann Dynako-Kubiczky, a trustee for the Township of Riverside, she felt recycling was something the township could do, but with a twist. A suggestion from Mary Rob Clarke, also a trustee, brought forth the idea of sponsoring the Riverside Township Bicycle Drive.

The Bicycle Drive is being held on Saturday, June 7 from 9 a.m. to noon at North Riverside Police Department parking lot, located at 2359 Desplaines Ave. The drive is not looking only for good working-condition bikes, but bikes in any condition, as well as accessories and parts.

According to Dynako-Kubiczky, the program is being held in partnership with an organization known as Working Bikes, which is located in Chicago. Working Bikes takes the donated bikes, refurbishes them and then donates about 6,000 bicycles a year to people in countries in Central America and Africa.

Bikes can provide transportation for people living in countries (and areas of Chicago) where other modes of transportation are scarce or unobtainable. The bikes can provide the means for people to get to their jobs or school. Since its founding in 1999 by a group of volunteers, the 501c3 organization has sent out more than 38,000 bikes.

The organization operates a storefront and repair shop where people can bring their bikes to either donate or have repaired by mechanics. The profits will directly benefit the shipping of bicycles.

Volunteers are always in need on a year round basis and you do not have to be an expert in repairing bicycles — just willing to help a worthy organization.

This effort by Riverside Township is a win-win for all those involved, so check out your garage or shed and see if you have been storing an old bike that maybe is missing a wheel or a chain or is rusty. That bike will be given a new life for someone who is in need. 

To learn more about the Bicycle Drive you can contact the Township at 708-447-7700 or go to the Working Bikes website at They are located at 2434 S. Western Ave. in Chicago. The number is 773-847-5440.

Ride on, Riverside Township, this is a good program.