I am a resident of North Riverside located by 5th Avenue and 26th Street. There is a four-way stop at that intersection. It is a disgrace on how many drivers do a “tap ‘n’ go” instead of at least doing a “California roll.” 

I understand most of these drivers are trying to avoid traffic on the major roads, but it doesn’t give them the OK to ignore a stop sign. There is a bike/walk/jog path along 26th Street. Sometimes people cross at those signs. 

Having a police car posted there just won’t stop the problem. The North Riverside police could put in place a certification program in training people to record license plate numbers of “tap ‘n’ go” drivers. These people would volunteer their time to sit at various locations throughout the village to jot down plate numbers of reckless drivers. There would be a windfall of money coming into the village coffers. 

For example, while sitting outside I counted 50 cars. Two made complete stops (one was on her cellphone while driving), 34 did a “California roll,” 10 did “tap ‘n’ roll” and four didn’t stop at all. That is in a one-hour period. Do the math. 

What would each citation bring into the village? It’s time to let residents help protect their neighborhoods from reckless driving.

David Lasaine

North Riverside