Really, how much longer are Brookfield residents going to continue to let the PEP party drag our village down? I read with wonder the editorial about the village sign on Ogden Avenue that the village will have to remove because the village didn’t do its job (“Choose your battles,” The Landmark View, June 4). 

More to the point the village attorney didn’t do his job. There is no one on the board that will question the word of the village attorney. 

Let’s not forget the PEP party is in debt to this law firm for around $20,000. Is that why they have no accountability? Now the PEP village board may have spent tens of thousands picking a fight they had no hope of winning. Who should be held accountable for that expense? How about the thousands spent picking a fight with the Brookfield Zoo?

 Once this mistake by the village attorney was discovered, how could this have been handled? How about the village manager and/or the village president could have discussed with Mr. Campbell the use of his property for our village sign? 

Now you saw Mr. Campbell was trying to use it as leverage? That would be leverage for something the village board already said it was going to do? Really? Is that a problem? 

Only if you doubt you are going to do the project, which is exactly how the PEP board works. They put the carrot out there and then don’t follow through. That area of town has had hundreds of thousands of dollars in flood damage over the last 10 years. Imagine how those residents feel.

 About five or six years ago, Mr. Campbell asked to talk with board members about this same type of pumping station to help all the residents in this area to give them some relief. I was the only trustee to meet with him at that time, and when I went back and asked about this fix I was rebuked. Then-Trustee Kit Ketchmark asked me, “Why did you even talk with him?” 

I said because I am a village trustee and he is a property owner and should be able to be heard. I asked to put a committee or board together of residents and staff to work on the flooding problems in town, open process and that was shot down. 

This group, PEP, is better at hand wringing and being sympathetic to the problem than working to fix the problem. I remember when a resident came to the village and Garvey about a tree that was rotting and dangerous on the neighboring property. After months of pleading to do something, well, something did happen. That tree split and destroyed the resident’s two-car garage. 

It is particularly discouraging to me how our village is actually being run by the PEP Party, because I was a PEP member when I chose to become more involved with making my community better. 

If you really want Brookfield to improve then Ketchmark and PEP need to go. 

Michael Towner