Back in March, the Landmark ran a nice story on the retirement of Bob Lifka, the North Riverside Library director, including a neat picture of Bob. I cut the entire article out and brought it to Bob for his autograph. Needless to say, he was totally surprised.

For over 65 years, I’ve enjoyed collecting sports memorabilia, as these items help retain special memories of the best and more interesting sports personalities. I will keep Bob’s picture, story and autograph hopefully for a very long time.

I will always remember a very dedicated man who gave his total time and effort to making the library as good as it could be. With these efforts came an interest and caring of all people he dealt with. Ask a question, have a problem, be a bit confused, and he’d get it taken care of. He always had a smile, a good word for everyone and would stop what he was doing to take care of others. 

Great athletes are rare, but good, sincere public leaders are even rarer. So, I will always treasure my autographed picture and bio of Bob Lifka, because it will retain and help bring back special memories of a very positive experience with a very special, caring man.

Jim Zak

North Riverside