As a graduate of RBHS (Class of 1956) and a resident of Riverside, I noticed that the village is considering donating $30,000 to the cost of extending the bike path from Ridgewood Road to 31st Street. 

I would like to propose that the Village shave that contribution to $25,000 and contribute $5,000 to a small joint project with the Brookfield Zoo, RBHS and our Class of 1956 to construct a paved seating area at Ridgewood and Golf roads in the public space in front of RBHS so that RBHS students, zoo employees, and the general public using the PACE buses along Ridgewood and Washington would have a safe place to wait.

Currently, I see many students and zoo employees sitting on the curb at the bus stop on the southwest corner of this busy intersection with their feet in the street — and darting out into the intersection to see if an eastbound bus is approaching
— a patently unsafe practice. 

The grassy triangular area on the northeast corner, if seating and a trash container on a paved are were provided, would allow anyone waiting for a bus a long view in both directions without being in harm’s way. My class will provide the trees and appropriate plantings for this project in memory of one of my classmates who recently passed, Thomas Petrik.

If a small seating area were surfaced with pavers and provided suitable seating and a trash can (or perhaps even a shelter were constructed), it would be a godsend and no doubt used daily by many students and zoo guests and workers. 

Folks, this is a very small project that is much needed. I hope that the village, RBHS, and the Brookfield Zoo can come together to work out a quick way to make this happen. Thank you for your prompt consideration in this matter.

Donald Spatny


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