Amid the pension worries, I think we are all taking for granted the fine job North Riverside Police Chief Lane Niemann is doing. Here is a personable, knowledgeable and accessible leader who goes out of his way to do the best for his men and the community as well — but always expecting the best in return.

Niemann supported and participated in retired Deputy Chief Tom Tauer’s Citizens Police Academy program of 10 weeks, which covered some of the simplest police procedures to the most complex and everything in between, including most equipment, old and new, and a bit on the dogs and FBI.

This was a program where many learned a lot, and it helped renew respect and understanding for the police even more.

Chief Niemann is working hard coordinating his officers in the intersection camera system, so that it is enforced fairly, but serves its purpose of safety first and at the same time bringing in revenue from guilty offenders.

He makes all necessary meetings and even some not mandatory to show his support for his men and the village.

Chief Niemann’s namesake, Bob Nieman, was the first Major League baseball player to homer in each of his first two at bats. So far, Chief Niemann is off to a great start and has homered in most all of his at-bat opportunities.

Jim Zak

North Riverside