Riverside police say that a 70-year-old Hillside man was beaten and robbed of an undetermined amount of jewelry by two masked men after he got out of his car in the driveway of a friend’s home on East Burlington Street on Sunday afternoon.

According to Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel, the attack was planned in advance and the offenders may have followed the victim to Riverside from a flea market on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

“This was not a random event,” said Weitzel. “The whole thing took two minutes.”

Two Riverside police officers have been assigned to collecting evidence for the case, including obtaining surveillance camera and red-light camera footage along the victim’s route to Riverside.

Weitzel said the man drove to Riverside from a flea market at 47th Street and Ashland Avenue, where he sells jewelry regularly. At about 5:30 p.m., he drove into the driveway of the Riverside home, got out and locked the doors of his vehicle.

At that time, he was reportedly attacked from behind by two masked men who pulled the victim’s T-shirt over his head and began beating him, demanding the keys to the vehicle. The victim gave up the keys and the men grabbed three bags containing an undetermined amount of jewelry.

The homeowner, a woman, heard the commotion outside and opened the front door to confront the attackers. One of them reportedly pointed a handgun at the woman and told her not to get involved. She shut the front door and called 911.

The two men then ran eastbound from the house to Cowley Road where they got into a waiting gray SUV or van, which sped away eastbound toward Harlem Avenue.

The victim was treated for minor injuries at the scene, but refused to be transported to the hospital.