It was 27 years ago next week that the skies opened up and delivered almost 10 inches of rain in within a period of 17 hours to the Chicago area. Riverside and Riverside Lawn got thwacked.

The areas near the river were submerged under several feet of water. We’re sure Brookfield got it bad as well, but we don’t have photos of that — at the time the fledgling Landmark (just two years old at the time) just covered Riverside and came out just once a month.

This is one of our favorite photos from the August 14, 1987 flood. It’s the late Bob Sponder paddling a rubber boat down Lincoln Avenue, where he lived.

“We have six feet of water in the basement and now power,” Sponder told the Landmark’s photographer, Jerry Luterman, “but the oil and gas in the water is the worst. We were so nauseated by it, that we couldn’t eat.”

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