Last week, Susan Bogdan was appointed to the Komarek District 94 Board of Education to serve out the term of Patricia Martinson, who resigned from the school board last month. Bogdan, a fifth-grade teacher at Field Stevenson School in Forest Park, will serve out the remainder of Martinson’s term, which runs until next May.

Bogdan, who has two master’s degrees in education and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, was selected by unanimous vote after the school board considered four applicants for the vacancy. Her experience as a teacher will help the district as it implements the new Common Core standards, said Christopher Waas, president of the Komarek Board of Education.

“We had four strong candidates,” Waas said. “She seemed like she would be able to hit the ground running because she’s a teacher and she’s familiar with the school system and has a lot of experience dealing with administration. We just felt she was a strong candidate for what we need right now.”

Bogdan has lived in North Riverside for nine years and has three children. Two of her children, a third-grader and first-grader will be attending Komarek this year.

“I’m very excited,” Bogdan said. “I’m glad I was chosen. I know there were several residents interested, so I know it was probably not an easy choice. Education has been my passion. I have three degrees and all of them are in the field of education. I love my job and I definitely want to be a part of my community school as much as I can. Working full time, I can’t really be involved in the day-to-day school hour events because I’m a teacher myself, but I saw the board as an opportunity to get involved and be part of Komarek and all the changes that are happening in education. Going through them myself as a teacher, I felt that perhaps I could bring hands-on, first-hand experience to Komarek as we move forward.”

Bogdan said she will see what serving on the school board is like before deciding whether to run for a full four-year term next spring.

“If I’m interested and I like what I’m doing, then I can run. I’m going to take this opportunity to see what it’s all about,” Bogdan said. “Unless there’s some bizarre reason why I wouldn’t want to, then I could see myself running.”

At the Aug. 19 meeting, the school board reportedly voted unanimously to hire BWP & Associates, a search firm, to conduct the district’s search for a new superintendent to replace Neil Pellicci, who is retiring next year. Libertyville-based BWP was chosen over the Illinois Association of School Boards, the other finalist. The board voted to pay BWP a sum not to exceed $14,000 to conduct the superintendent search.

“They seem like they have a pretty proven track record,” Waas said. “Ninety-eight percent of the candidates that they’ve placed have completed a minimum of three years and 95 percent of their candidates, placed since 2006, were offered successor contracts, so that really shined through.”

Waas said the school board hopes to announce a new superintendent in January although the new superintendent would not start work in District 94 until July 1, 2015.