A Riverside bank was held up Thursday by a robber who claimed to have a gun.

A note written on a wrinkled white envelope threatened that the man was holding a gun, but it was never displayed. The Harris Bank branch at 9101-9 W. Cermak in North Riverside was robbed Thursday afternoon, Riverside police said. The note demanded “all the money,” according to a teller who spoke with police after the robbery.

Police reported the teller gave up all the loose $20 bills in her drawer just after 2 p.m. Aug. 21. The offender walked out the bank’s door and headed west on foot. It was unclear how much total cash was removed.

Police said the teller described the bank robber as a male Hispanic, 5’8″ tall, wearing a blue ball cap and sporting a “neatly-groomed goatee.” He took the note with him as he left, according to police reports. No gun was displayed.

The description of the robber is similar to a man who robbed the Metropolitan Bank at 601 Harlem in Oak Park Aug. 4. In that instance, a Hispanic man with a cap and goatee got away with $3,000 in a waiting vehicle with a getaway driver.

“The FBI is familiar with this individual, said North Riverside Detective Kyle Pinelli.