Teens hit with BB’s while walking down the street

Last week two Riverside teenagers were shot with BBs while walking on a Desplaines Avenue sidewalk in North Riverside. A 16 year old girl and a 15 year old boy both were hit with BB’s apparently shot from a vacant apartment building a little north of 31st Street.

The young woman was walking home from a dental appointment at around 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 19 when she heard a pop. At first a few BB’s whizzed by and then she was hit in her left hand. She began bleeding as the BB went completely through her hand creating entry and exit puncture wounds.

The girl, who was a just a couple blocks from home, called her mother who called police. The mother took the girl to the Emergency Room at MacNeal Hospital where she was treated and released.

The young man was shot in a second incident at around the same time and suffered a bruise the size of a marble.

Riverside police handed off the investigation to the North Riverside police who found an unlocked vacant apartment in an apartment building on the west side of Desplaines Ave. The entrance to the apartment building was also not secured.

DUI charge in complicated case

A 21 year old Bolingbrook man was arrested in the wee hours of Aug.23 in Brookfield after police responded when a man called 911 saying that there were two armed men in the gated parking lot of Licitra Roofing at 9512 47th St. Brookfield police responded and talked to Elmer A. Ortiz-Hernandez of Bolingbrook. Ortiz-Hernandez told the responding officer that he and a friend had been driving from Chicago and had been followed by four vehicles so he pulled over. Ortiz-Hernandez said his friend, who was a 14 year old boy, saw two armed men so he called 911.

The responding officer searched the area and found nothing. He observed that Ortiz-Hernandez was very agitated, speaking fast in a low voice, acting paranoid, and had dilated eyes. Ortiz-Hernandez said he was coming back from a dinner in Chicago with the teenage boy who he had met on an online dating site for gay men called Grinder. He said when he had met the 14 year old boy, who lived in Blue Island; a few months ago the boy told him that he was 18. Ortiz-Hernandez told the officer he was trying to help the boy with a drug problem and that the boy was a “meth dealer.”

The boy was found slumped in the back seat of a white Nissan. The boy admitted to police that he had snorted methamphetamine. He also told police that Ortiz-Hernandez had also taken methamphetamine.

The two were separated and interviewed separately. Ortiz-Hernandez denied having any sexual relations with the 14 year old. When asked whether he had any sexual relations with the boy when he thought the boy was 18 he would not answer. Hernandez-Ortiz also denied taking any methamphetamine but refused to take a drug test.

The 14 year old was taken to LaGrange Hospital where tests confirmed the presence of methamphetamine in his system. Because it was unclear whether criminal sexual assault or any other crime had occurred in Brookfield Ortiz-Hernandez was not arrested at that time, but told that he should leave but not drive. He was told that if he did drive he would be arrested for DUI. Ortiz-Hernandez said he would call a taxi.

After the police officer cleared the scene he saw Ortiz-Hernandez get into the 2103 white Nissan and drive north bound down an alley. Police quickly found the Nissan illegally parked in the alley behind 9518 47th Street and Ortiz-Hernandez walking back to it. The officer asked Ortiz-Hernandez how the car got there and Ortiz-Hernandez allegedly said “I drove it.” The officer conducted field sobriety tests and arrested Ortiz-Hernandez for driving under the influence of drugs. He was taken to the Brookfield police station where he was given his Miranda warning. Ortiz-Hernandez declined to talk to the police.

Possession of pot

A 21 year old Brookfield man was arrested and charged with one count of possession of cannabis when he went to pick up a bag allegedly containing marijuana that had been dropped off at 4113 Prairie Ave on Aug. 21. Police had responded to a call and found a black over the shoulder bag on the ground near the fence line of Las Asadas Restaurant. The officer smelled the odor of marijuana coming out of the bag. The officer let the bag lie there and two officers staked the area out. When the suspect, a 21 year old man who lived on the 4100 block of Prairie, showed up hours later to pick up the bag he was arrested.

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Riverside, North Riverside and Brookfield police departments, Aug. 18-24, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

—Compiled by Bob Skolnik