Brookfield’s village government plans to spend from $125,000 to $150,000 to upgrade and modernize its village hall. 

Plans for the village hall were disclosed Monday night at the village board’s Committee of the Whole meeting and are expected to be approved at the village board meeting in September.

“We need to make some serious changes to the village hall just to work effectively,” Village Manager Riccardo Ginex told the village board Monday night.

Plans call for the village hall to have one full service main window where all village services, other than police and fire, will be accessed. Currently there are two separate windows in the lobby for the cashier and the building department. Village employees who will man the front desk have been cross trained so that they can handle many different types of service requests and functions.

Plans call for the creation of a more open work environment in village hall.  A new conference room where village staff can meet with developers and contractors also will be added. Two bathrooms will be redone and a kitchen will be upgraded. A separate IT room will be constructed.

“We’ve talked about this for years,” said village board member Michael Garvey. “These improvements have to be done at some point.”

The Brookfield Village Hall was built in 1974.

Work on the village hall is expected to take about six weeks and is expected to begin around the end of September assuming that the village board approves the project next month. 

A conceptual estimate included in the village board packet estimates the improvements to the village hall will cost $144,793 or $59.68 per square foot. That figure includes a five percent contingency. Big ticket items include $28,031 for electrical work, $14,795 for millwork, $9,377 for flooring, $8,219 for selective demolition, $8,217 for painting and decorating, and $8,190 for plumbing. 

The plans call for the purchase of a GE Stainless Steel Top-Freezer refrigerator for $1,370 and a stainless steel GE Microwave Oven costing $290.

During the renovation work some functions of the village hall will be moved into the village board room.

“It’s going to be a little chaotic for a while,” said Assistant Village Manager Keith Sbiral.

But the improvements will ultimately result in quicker and better service for residents Sbiral said