Question: What do Green Bay, Wisconsin, New York City, New York, Arlington, Virginia, Lincoln, Nebraska and Santiago, Chile have in common?

Answer: WLTL Radio 88.1

Listeners from all the cities listed above, plus another 280 more tuned into the LT vs. Warren football game on Friday, August 29, via WLTL’s stream on both the mobile app and website combined. While the majority listened in from the Chicago area, today’s technology allows alumni and other loyal fans from across the country – and the world – to tune into the game and any other WLTL programming.

Since the launch of live streaming in mid-June, WLTL’s mobile app has been downloaded 351 times. Users have accessed it for 1,246 sessions for a total of 9,800 minutes. The free app is available for iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. The app streams WLTL’s broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Listeners can also access WLTL through the website at if they chose not to download the app

Online listening is a growing. In total since the beginning of school, listeners have “tuned in” to WLTL through streaming -either via the app or the website – from a total of 577 unique locations more than 2,300 times.

According to WLTL Station Advisor Chris Thomas, “Moving from just broadcasting on the traditional FM dial to also streaming live online and on the app obviously increases our potential audience. But more importantly, it allows friends and family members of our students, along with alumni who have moved out of the area, to access WLTL easier and more frequently.”