The Riverside Police Department has entered a Shelter agreement with the Countryside Veterinarian Center which is located on the 9800 block of West 55th Street in Countryside. The Riverside Police will utilize the Countryside Veterinarian Center for animal concerns that are brought to the police’s attention during responses to animal complaints. Effective immediately, all stray animals and other animal concerns will be handled by them and they are a no kill shelter.

The Countryside Veterinarian Center will hold an animal for ten days looking for the owner. After that period expires, they will place an animal up for adoption and the animal will remain there until the animal is adopted. The Countryside Veterinarian Center has agreed to provide this free of charge to the Riverside Police Department and they will pass along any expenses associated with the animals to the individuals adopting the animal in the future.

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel praised Lieutenant Bill Gutschick for this innovative new program. Lieutenant Gutschick was instrumental in personally making arrangements with the Countryside Veterinarian Center to house future stray animals and handle other animal concerns. Lieutenant Gutschick was adamant that the police department find a no kill shelter and he was able to obtain this agreement without any expense to the Village of Riverside.